• Lefery Active Cell Regeneration creams gift package 50ml+50ml

      cream for wrinkles


      Now you have Lefery Active Cream in the new set of face creams, in a promotional package for a full treatment of regeneration.

      The package includes the day cream with bio ingredients, borago oil to strengthen the protective layer of your skin, collagen pro and micro particles of hyaluronic acid to make your skin firmer and more moisturized.

      Lefery Active Cell Regeneration night cream with night repair effects during the night will soften the wrinkles and reduce facial lines of expression. It is also recommended for reducing dark circles around your eyes.

      A complete treatment with both Lefery Active day cream and Lefery Active night cream for a period of at least 3 months could restore glow and a healthy look to your skin.

      Lefery Active Cell Regeneration cream also offers protection against UV rays due to the protection factor SPF15.