• 5x LEFERY Gold Eye Pads with Hyaluronic Acid and Gold Microparticles

      lefery active cell gold eye pads


      Do you dream of having perfectly smooth, tight and moisturized skin under your eyes? Popular creams do not help? Be sure to try our ultra-effective LEFERY eye pads which, with their super concentrated ingredients, deliver instant effects.

      LEFERY eye pads work more effectively than ordinary eye creams, acting in a way similar to face masks. Depending on active ingredients contained in the pads, intensively moisturize, nourish and tighten the skin, reduce wrinkles and help get rid of puffy eyes. Contain Marine Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid, 24k Gold and Plant Extracts.

      LEFERY eye pads can be used in 2 different ways, as:

      – instant moisturizing and firming treatment applied before an important event

      – moisturizing and rejuvenating treatment, applied 1-2x a week for a month

      With their unique semi-circular shape, the pads are extremely convenient and easy to use, perfectly adhere to your skin under the eyes. Made from special hydrogel immersed in a highly concentrated serum.

      The nano-gold particles added into the transparent LEFERY Eye-Pads enables the latter of a great cell activating capacity. This is because that the nano-gold particles are only 1/2000 as large as pores, very easy to penetrate into the dermis. It can carry collagen deep into the skin to activate skin cells, promote toxin and dirt metabolisms, diminish black eye, eye pouches and oil granule At the same time, the gold particles can enhance the compactness of the fibrous tissue of collagen to turn the skin compact and elastic and reduce the fine lines and crow’s-feet around the eyes.

      Using direction:

      Apply the eye patch directly to the eye pouches and eye wrinkles for 20-30 minutes each time. After removing the eye mask, gently massage to help with penetration. Use it every two days. Use it before sleeping at night, during a break or in case of eye fatigue (use it every day if necessary).


      1. Do not use the product if skin has problems – such as wound, pimple, eczema, inflammation, sunburn, swelling, sore or shedding.

      2. If the skin has severe allergy history, it is recommended to check the ingredients carefully first.

      3. A few people may be allergic to the product. Please stop using and consult the doctor if discomfortable feeling comes out..

      4. Store it in a cool and dry place, and avoid high temperature, high humidity and direct sunlight.

      5. Keep out of reach of children.