• Lefery Active Cell Regeneration night cream 50ml

      Lefery night cream


      Lefery Active Cell Regeneration night cream intensely regenerates the skin during the night, improves its firmness and help treat wrinkles and fine lines. Lefery Active night cream for oily skin is especially made for night skin care because contains no pore clogging ingredients and can provide hydration.

      With its active formula, rich in avocado oil and hiluronan, prevents the formation of new wrinkles and restores skin radiance.
      The Borago oil strengthens the natural protective layer of the skin, the complexion becoming firm and full of vitality every morning.
      The collagen in the cream composition retains the water in the body and the panthenol gives skin suppleness and shine.

      USAGE: It applies a thin layer, every evening after cleansing the area of impurities and make-up. Evenly apply the cream on the face and neck skin, gently massaging the area.

      We recommend a treatment for at least 4 weeks, for amazing results, it recommends a treatment for 3 months, using both Lefery Active night cream and Lefery Active day cream.