• Lefery Active Cell Regeneration day cream 50ml

      Lefery day cream


      Lefery Active day cream contains bio ingredients, carefully selected in an unique complex of repair and regeneration to intensively nourish the skin, to slow aging and restore the tonus to the skin.

      Reduces visibility of wrinkles and fine lines on the face and around the eyes.

      Restores glow and healthy look to your skin.
      With the aid of Borago oil, this revolutionary face cream has the property to strengthen the protective layer of skin cells, reduces elevations and lessen the dark circles. Collagen microparticles contained by Lefery Active day cream have the ability to retain water in the deeper layers of  the skin. Hydrated skin becomes firmer, smoother and less sensitive to irritation or other external factors like wind, frost or  sun.

      APPLICATION: Apply every morning after thoroughly clean the area. The cream should be applied uniformly on the face and neck skin. It quickly penetrates into the skin and provides an excellent base for make-up.

      We recommend a treatment at least for 8 weeks, but if you want to have best results, it is recommended a 3 months treatment, using both Lefery Active day cream and Lefery Active night cream from LEFERY ACTIVE CELL REGENERATION.

      Product dermatologically tested. No parabens.