• LEFERY Hyaluronic Repair Serum 60ml

      lefery active hyaluron repair


      LEFERY Hyaluronic Repair Serum is a concentrated and intensive regenerating serum for all types of mature skin. The concentrated serum is for the face, neck and decoltage.
      The specially developed formula contains a complex range of ingredients that simulate cell growth and regeneration.

      The active ingredients reduce wrinkles appeareance, soften, nourish and firm the skin.
      It protects against free radicals and radiations because has SPF15 protection, giving the skin a youthful glowing appearance.
      Collagen and hyaluronic acid from its composition reach the deepest layers of the skin perfectly filling wrinkles and hydrating the skin.
      The pearl extract gives skin a velvety appereance and provides comprehesive skin care.
      LEFERY Hyaluron Repair has an anti-wrinkle and moisturizing effect, which let the skin to naturally become revitalized and nourished.

      Directions of use:
      On cleansed face, neck and decoltage apply a thin layer of serum every day.
      For optimum results use LEFERY Active Day Cream or LEFERY Active Night cream from our LEFERY Active Repair beauty line.

      Lefery Hyaluronic Repair Concentrated serum has been developed in order to intensively regenerate the skin of the face, neck and decoltage.
      The serum contains active ingredients that have been carefully selected:
      * Collagen – stops the outlow of water from the cells, thus wonderfully hydrating the skin.
      * Hyaluronic Acid - one of the most efficient substances that smooths out the wrinkles, give firmness to the skin and intensivly hydrates the skin.
      * Coenzyme Q10 – gives firmness to the skin by stimulating the cellular activity.
      * Pearl extract – effectively prevents the outlow of water from the epidermis and in the same time helps skin regeneration and maintains skin in a optimum condition.
      * Vitamin A – stimulates the renewal of the skin and repairs its structure, bring back the elasticity of the skin and illuminates dark spots.
      * Vitamin E – fights againts the changes caused by the aging of skin and protects the skin against the adverse effects of the eviromental factors (SPF15)
      * D-Panthenol – stimulates the growth and renewal of epidermis, delays the skin aging process and gives softness to the skin and velvety finesse.